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This Year's Cloud Computing Technology Trends

Cloud it right for me? What are other businesses doing with it?

The cloud is so many things. The opportunity for your business will differ from what another business is doing with it. In some way we are all a part of the cloud revolution. Prices are more competitive and affordable as hardware has evolved and bandwidth is more affordable, which is a topic I will discuss in another blog.

Many smaller offices are taking advantage of the Microsoft hosted platform known as Office365. These services provide a range of products offered in the cloud and at monthly and annual pricing.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access can all be accessed in the cloud along with the popular messaging collaboration product, Microsoft Exchange. Hosted Exchange provides small businesses with enterprise email and shared calendars and folders.

Online/Offsite backup is another cloud based service that is really gaining momentum. Business can now have peace of mind knowing their data is securely backed up in the cloud providing a BDR (Backup, Disaster, Recovery) solution that has left the old unreliable tape backups behind.

Cloud services also shifts some of the liability off the business owner and puts it in the hands of the provider who often has a better understanding of the needs of the business infrastructure.

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